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Next time I will share some Naughty Charlie stories like when she jumped through our brand new tent and stole a little girl’s breakfast while we were camping. Never a dull moment!

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Change Happens

     ~ Here is Our Update

IMG_8500I am way overdue for a Charlie Blue update! Our lives have changed quite a bit in the last year. We got an English Bulldog puppy and moved from Boise to Seattle.

Charlie despised Bosa when we first brought him home. Bosa is almost a year old now. Charlie tolerates him, but he’s still not her favorite.

She prefers to snuggle with our kiddos and our cat, Ish. Charlie has made new friends in Seattle and she loves the ocean. I will never forget the moment when she first encountered waves. But some things never change.

She still loves retrieving, swimming, racing in snow, finding birds (even when we aren’t hunting), going on fishing and camping trips, running free, stealing food, ripping up pillows, and hogging the bed.

I create a photo collage of Charlie for her birthday every year. I…

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All I Really Need to Know…I Learned Writing Kids’ Books

Great post, Michelle!

Michelle Eastman Books

I posted this piece a few months ago…

Writing is a solitary vocation. I spend a lot of time alone, pondering and reflecting, constructing and connecting. Most recently I connected my life, as a writer, to a well-known poem by Robert Fulghum. http://www.robertfulghum.com/ In the poem, Fulghum reflects on his days in kindergarten and how those lessons prepared him for life.


As I read his words, I began to ponder how becoming an author has enriched my life. I may not have learned “All I really need to know”, but I am constructing my journey one keystroke and lesson at a time. Here’s what I know…

All I really need to know…I learned writing kids’ Books

Share everything-

Give back to your fellow writers. Share articles and resources. Share your failures; they matter too. Lift someone up; show him the way. Give your books away to kids in need. Give…

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Finding a Critique Group to Nurture Your Fire

This is a great post! I love the Burning Man analogy.


by Joyce Audy Zarins

Good crit groups give you perspective. Good crit groups give you perspective.

You’ve heard of Burning Man, right? The arty, fire-infused festival takes place each Labor Day week in the middle of the 400 square mile Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Disclaimer: It’s not kid rated, but does serve as a tantalizing analogy.

Imagine that you are there in 1996 when 8,000 people come to witness it all. There is no fence around the parched, absolutely flat alkali lakebed, no signs to direct you, but you follow instructions given in miles and by compass points.

Critique groups help you progress. Critique groups help you progress.

You must bring everything you need: shelter, food, water, shade, and perhaps creative installations or artworks, the bigger the better. You see dozens of crazy art cars festooned with found objects and one car in the shape of a shark with a movable tail, stilt walkers and fire breathers, art pavilions…

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