Charlie Blue Gets Attacked

Two weeks ago, our sweet Charlie Blue was attacked. It was a scary experience, but we are thankful that she is healthy, happy, and just as sweet as she’s always been.

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IMG_20131116_144151Two weeks ago the unimaginable happened. Something happened that that we never thought about, and certainly never worried about. Two weeks ago, our sweet Charlie Blue was attacked by an off leash dog.

My husband, Ian, took Charlie for a walk in the evening on the Greenbelt, which is a path that runs along the Boise River. He took her to one of our favorite spots by the river—a spot that we often fish at with our two young children. A jogger came to this spot with her off leash dog. Charlie was on leash. Ian said it happened so fast, and before he knew it the other dog was on Charlie’s back. Charlie didn’t fight back. Ian had to kick the other dog to get it off of her.

It was dark by the time Ian and Charlie returned home. We didn’t realize how serious her injuries were until…

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Charlie Blue is a busy girl

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Charlie Blue is One Year Old!20140321_173045

Hi Shela and Cliff!

Here’s a little update with a bunch of photos …

Charlie Blue’s first birthday was in February. We can’t believe our baby Weim is already one! She is still best buds with our two-year-old daughter. They play together so well 🙂

Our six-year-old son has decided that he wants to be a police officer and he wants Charlie to be his K-9 police dog 🙂

Some of Charlie’s favorite activities are chasing leaves blowing in the wind, going down slides with the kids at the park, retrieving softballs, bringing home the biggest sticks she can find on our walks, and trying to play with the cats (they are never interested).

I love you; where did you go? I love you; where did you go?

We love her so much! We are excited for another summer of camping, fishing, and canoeing with our best pal—Charlie Blue.

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Charlie Blue

Snow much fun

Winter Weims

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Making memories for a lifetime……..

It is not hard to come up stories from when we were kids. They are often indelibly etched on our psyche. These are those moments in time we visit (sometimes willingly, and sometimes unwillingly) from our childhood. We remember them when something triggers the on-button, and it can be anything; a sound, a smell, an event. We may not be able to conjure up this same emotional archived moment at-will; however, it is stored in our subconscious. Other times we can remember by choice. I will never bite into an apple without taking a journey back in time–to our front-porch. I was about four years old, and there was a basket of apples on the front stoop. I reached down and took a bite, chewed, swallowed, and then saw the half-of-a-worm crawling on into the apple. How can I remember that event? I was only three or…

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Charlie Blue

Four Seasons For Charlie Blue

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Charlie Blue has a preference

I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho, but my husband and I lived in Eugene, Oregon for over ten years. We missed having four seasons. There are two seasons in Eugene: rain and no rain. We are back in Boise and enjoying four seasons again. We have discovered that Charlie Blue has weather preferences as well. She loves warm summer days (who doesn’t? :)), DOES NOT like rain, is very intrigued by snow, and is absolutely crazy about playing on clear, brisk days in the fall. So, I guess it’s a good thing that we didn’t get her when we lived in Eugene lol. I’ve included a collage of photos of Charlie playing in a field near our house during one of her favorite seasons: fall. I will send winter pictures when we have our next snow 🙂

Breeder’s Note:OwyheeStar sees…

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Featured Weimaraner — Charlie Blue

From dinner time to tubby time, our Weim never ceases to amaze us…

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Full of Surprises

581915_10201077028348895_449730690_nCharlie Blue has definitely developed a different relationship with each member of our family. IMAG3867-1-1She is buddy-buddy and gentle with our fourteen-month-old daughter. IMAG3911-1-1She is rowdy and always wants to play with our five-year-old son (he often gets her riled up and doesn’t enjoy the consequences—jumping and nipping). She listens to and respects my husband the most. IMAG3937-1-1-1She is calm and relaxed around Grandad. And she snuggles with me in the evening after she is worn out.IMAG3925-1

Only thing is for certain—she surprises all of us. We thought the angel food cake was far enough back on the counter that Charlie couldn’t reach it. Boy, were we wrong. Poof! Angel food cake gone, just like that. One night, after I finished drying Charlie off from her bath she escaped down the hallway to the bathroom and jumped back in the tub. I took her out and dried…

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